Model Flour Capacity Dough Capacity Power Load (HP)
SP 120 20KG 30KG 3.5
SP 130 30KG 45KG 3.5
SP 150 50KG 75KG 3.5


Model Flour Capacity Dough Capacity Power Load (HP)
SP 320 20KG 30KG 5.5
SP 330 20KG 45KG 5.5
SP 350 50KG 75KG 8.5
SP 360 50KG 85KG 8.5
SP 390 90KG 125KG 14.5

Guaranteed Spiral Mixers

Spiral Mixers manufactured and supplied by us feature a powerful single-speed mixer 1 phase 2200 volts 50HZ and double speed mixer 440 volts 50HZ. They are designed to have varied flour capacity, dough capacity and powerful loads. The use of multiple jars and blades helps grind hard spices along with making smoothies in the blink of an eye. The compact design and easy-to-store spiral mixers come with a comprehensive warranty depending on the model.

The function of our spiral mixer is to smoothly mix the dough or say mixed products, ensuring proper addition of the gluten structure while not overworking the ingredients. These mixers have the capability to add more volume to mixed products. They are ideal to be used for mixing all desired ingredients, such as sugar, wheat, and more.

Standard Features:

  • Small and compact size so ideal for small space
  • Highly safe and powerful power
  • Automatic timer control for easy operation
  • Stainless steel mixing tube safety cover
  • Mixer conform to hygiene standard
  • Optimum for small scale factory and store
  • Featured to set high speed and low speed
  • Solid and clean-cut design of equipment
  • Our Spiral Mixers are designed with adjustable speeds of rotation for both spring and bowl that allows maximum control of ingredient, dough development and better product. With these adjustable speed options, the desired RPM can be set. For example, you can reduce the speed to prevent flour particles from flying in the air. Once the wheat flour absorbs water, the higher speed automatically starts and it will keep increasing for the best result.

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